Things to do in Solomon Islands

Say hello to the magic of Solomon Islands

Your trip to Solomon Islands can be as relaxing or as adventurous as you want.  You’ll find an exceptionally large range of things to do in this country, especially if you love the outdoors.  It’s the great expanses you’ll find outside the main population centres that are the huge drawcards here and also where you’ll find some experiences that are unique to this island paradise.

Cultural Exchange

With so much of the country living a traditional lifestyle, experiencing the rich Solomon Islands culture isn’t hard to do.  Visit villages where you can meet the friendly locals and get a snapshot of the lives they lead.  The immersion in local culture is one of the most sought-after experiences by overseas visitors coming to this country as it’s something unique that you will remember forever.  There are very few places in the world where you can watch people create goods that they will use each day and fish and hunt for food that the family and village will eat that very night.

If you’re looking for something to take home as a reminder of your time here, there are some stunning traditional arts and crafts that make fantastic mementos.  Solomon Islands is well known for intricate carvings, hand-crafted jewellery and finely woven baskets and mats.  You’ll also find a great range of woven wicker war shields and weapons such as spears and knives. On occasion you will be able to buy crafts directly from a village, but often it’s hard to find a decent range of the best goods outside a market.

Be Entertained

When you’re looking for things to do in Honiara of an evening, there are plenty of quality restaurants to try, and lots of bars and nightclubs for late night entertainment.  There is a live music scene with performances at various bars and Honiara is also home to a couple of casinos.

Solomon Islands has a Dance & Theatre group that put on regular shows, so it’s worth checking locally to see what’s on.  Usually, Honiara is the easiest place to catch these types of shows because of the facilities, but you can also sometimes find performances being put on in other parts of the country.  At different times of the year, you can find various music concerts and festivals featuring local and international performers, mainly hosted in Honiara, but sometimes further afield.

Sea Change

Solomon Islands can offer visitors some of the very best beach locations, lagoons and ocean waterways in the world and if you like to enjoy the water, there’s something here to suit every interest.

If you’re a diver, you’re in for an absolute treat, with dozens of quality dive sites to be found around the country.  There is a real diversity of sites available here, from unspoilt coral reefs, to WW2 wrecks, to deep caves and holes.  There are many different choices and something to suit every level of experience.  Some of the popular dives include Mary’s Island, an excellent reef dive, White Beach, a dive that explores an artificial reef created by American war equipment, Leru Cut, a unique gash that goes from the ocean into the interior of the island and Marovo Lagoon that is a huge saltwater lagoon with many different dive sites.

This country is a mecca for surfers, with hundreds of surfable reefs and beaches to be found.  Some are named breaks that are long-time favourites and many others are no-name spots that are popular among the locals.  The best places to head are Gizo, where you will find several outstanding spots and Santa Isabel, one of the largest islands in the country and home to a number of great surfing sites.  Head to Solomon Islands from October to June if you’re chasing big waves, as that’s when you’re likely to strike bigger swells rolling in from the Northern Pacific.

You won’t find many better fishing locations anywhere in the world and this fishing haven is ideal for serious and casual fishing enthusiasts alike.  There are opportunities for deep sea fishing, reef fishing, lagoon trolling and river estuary fishing.  There’s no best time of year to fish here, with constant water temperatures and stable weather all year round and even if some rougher weather is around, you’ll still be able to find protected water that is teeming with fish.

There’re great places here to enjoy water sports of every description, no matter what your preference is.  If you are in the mood to relax and enjoy the water, try a sailing cruise. Sailing around Solomon Islands is a fantastic way to see parts of the country that most visitors will never get to.  If you prefer something more active, there’s a huge range of things for you to try, such as sea kayaking, paddle boarding, snorkelling and kiteboarding.

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