Fatboys Resort

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Fatboys: Local Culture, Local Food, Local Time!

Fatboys Resort Solomon IslandsGet away from it all on Mbabanga Island, an exclusive island only 8 minutes by boat from Gizo airport. Now you might be thinking that Fatboys is a strange name for a luxury island resort, but the name encompasses the holiday experience you get when you arrive on the island. Inspired by a Dickens character, Joe from The Perwick Papers, known as Joe the Fat Boy, who spends the majority of the story consuming large amounts of food and falling asleep in any situation at any time of day.

At Fatboys Resort your days on the island will revolve around drinking, eating, sleeping and relaxing. Enjoy a sundowner from the well-stocked bar, on a pontoon 100-meters out into the bay. Go for a swim oand come face to face with the tropical sea life that makes it their home. Look forward to amazing local dishes each evening prepared from seafood caught that morning.

Things to do on your Solomon Islands Holiday

From Fatboys Resort you can reach nearby Kolombangara Island, a volcanic island which is almost perfectly round and houses the huge Mount Veve reaching up 1,770 meters. The island has over 80 streams and rivers running through it and has incredible hiking and walking trails.

For the activity junkies there is plenty to do in the Solomon Islands, from fishing to kayaking, snorkeling and scuba diving, or surfing at nearby breaks.

Conversely, if you just need a break away from reality, and the stress of everyday life, Fatboys can also offer the perfect off the grid holiday. You can stroll down desrted beaches, spend all day undisturbed in a hammock among the trees, or sit on the deck and simply stare out at the ocean. The choice is yours.

Where is Fatboys Resort?

From the East Coast of Australia it is just a 3 hour flight to Honiara, the Solomon Islands International Airport. Connect here for your one-hour domestic flight to Gizo in the Western Province, and then it is just an 8-minute boat ride across the bay to Fatboys Resort.

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