A little bit of knowledge can be a lot of fun! So learn a few quick and interesting facts about the Solomon Islands that you may not have known before…


  1. When people raise their eyebrows in answer to a question it means yes.
  2. 5-10% of the population have blond hair. This is from the same gene found in Northern Europe however it appeared in Oceania spontaneously and is not passed down from European settlers.
  3. The highest point in the Solomon Islands is Mt. Popomanaseu, located on Guadalcanal, reaching more than 2300-metres into the air.
  4. Bougainville, an island geographically located within the Solomon Islands, is actually part of Papua New Guinea.
  5. Almost 1000 islands comprise the 9 provinces of the Solomon Islands.
  6. Marovo Lagoon, located in New Georgia, is the world’s largest saltwater lagoon.
  7. The world’s largest raised coral atoll is East Rennell in the Solomon Islands.
  8. Lake Tegano, once a lagoon, is the largest lake in the South Pacific.
  9. There are around 120 different dialects spoken throughout the Solomon Islands.
  10. Kavachi is an underwater volcano that is situated in the Solomon Islands.
  11. The Arnavon Islands in the Isabel Province serve as a crucial nesting area for endangered Hawksbill turtles.
  12. Solomon Islands were named after King Solomon de Mendana, the nephew of the Governor of Peru.