Perfect waves that you don’t have to share

In an archipelago this big there are infinite surfable islands to explore and try around the country.  Solomon Islands is a mecca for surfers, a final frontier with more and more visitors arriving for the surfing experience each year.  Who wouldn’t want to come to try some exceptional surf breaks with consistent quality waves and no crowds?

Best time to surf in Solomon Islands

You can surf here all year round, due to the minimal fluctuations in water temperature, but from October to April is considered the official surfing season and is your best opportunity to get larger swells coming from the north and north-west.  Less predictable southern waves can roll in during July and August and can be surfed from Gizo, Skull Island and the southern side of Guadalcanal.

Best places to surf


In the popular Western Province, this is the easiest place to reach and it offers a great range of breaks that cater to most experience levels, however many of the shallow reef breaks are best left to more experienced surfers.  You can choose from either left or right breaks depending on your preference and conditions on the day. Some of the most popular are Palonggi and Titiana’s, but there are many “no name” breaks that are best found by talking to the friendly locals.

Santa Isabel Island

Santa Isabel Island is the longest island in Solomon Islands and the 3rd largest by land area.  A little more isolated than Gizo, but still accessible, there are several great spots around this large island that make it a very attractive option for surfers.  There are dozens of surf breaks along the northern length of the island.


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