Diving in Solomon Islands

For amazing reefs, lots of marine life and few other divers, Solomon Islands is hard to beat.  This is a popular dive destination due to the wide variety of dive sites on offer and also to the pristine natural state of the reefs.

Best time to dive in Solomon Islands

Due to minimal rainfall (leading to clearer waters), the best time to dive in Solomon Islands is between June and September. Nonetheless, with a stable water temperature of 28 – 29˚C and such a wide topography, Solomon Islands offers awesome year-round diving.  Some divers prefer to avoid January to March which is the wettest part of the rainy season due to slightly less clear waters however the diving is still great throughout this time.

The best diving sites

Solomon Islands has something to offer divers of all experience levels, with plenty of beginner level spots and also many sites to suit experienced divers.  From pristine coral reefs, to caves and holes, to historic US and Japanese WW2 wrecks, there are plenty of great choices here.

Mary’s Island

This is a popular reef dive with plentiful marine life, including large schools of jack, barracuda and sharks.  Massive bumphead parrotfish are common here and you’ll find that it’s a dive that can last for many hours.

White Beach

When the US troops departed their base on the Russel Islands after WW2, they pushed all their surplus equipment into the ocean, which has now created a fascinating artificial reef.  There’s lots of sea life on the reef and it’s a great macro photography site.

Leru Cut

Found off Leru, a small island in the Russel Islands chain, this is one of the most well-known dive sites in the country.  It is a unique site, consisting of a gash in the ocean floor that is 12-metres deep and runs from the sea into the island itself.  It is only a couple of metres wide and has a sandy bottom and usually has excellent visibility.  You start at the cut from the ocean end and as you swim along the 100-metre length, you actually move to the interior of the island, finishing with jungle and birds all around.

Marovo Lagoon

This is the world’s biggest saltwater lagoon and there are many dives sites here, with a favourite being Kicha, a well-known site for reef sharks, big schools of barracuda and spadefish and a beautiful range of soft and hard corals to inspect.  You could spend your whole trip just exploring Marovo Lagoon, it is so big!


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