Discover this untouched habitat that is home to hundreds of species

The undisturbed natural environment found across Solomon Islands has made this a fantastic location for observing a vast array of bird species in their native habitats with over 300 distinct species in the country.

Best places to go birdwatching

The easiest parts of Solomon Islands to access are the central islands and provinces, including Guadalcanal and Western Province. These areas are home to dozens of species that birdwatchers will be interested in locating and over 62 endemic species, making it the richest endemic bird area in the world.

Best time of year for birdwatching in Solomon Islands

The end of the dry season, around August and September is proving to be the most popular time to visit.  You get the very best weather the country has to offer and you also fall outside the major holidays when tourist numbers will increase.  However, with the sheer number of species here, there isn’t one best time to catch mating, nesting or hatching, so birdwatchers will be impressed year-round in Solomon Islands.

What species will you see

The list of birds to be found in Solomon Islands is very long, but typically the rare and unusual endemics are the primary targets.  Some of these species include: the iconic Black-faced Pitta, Fearful Owl, recently described Solos Frogmouth, Roviana Rail, Shade Warbler and the Yellow-legged Pigeon, just to name a few.  Because of the large number of birds around the country, there are lots of sites where you can expect to see flocks of parrots and cockatoos.


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