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Solomon Islands is a geographically diverse country with lots to offer holidaymakers and other visitors.  This magical place has endless amounts of untouched natural beauty that makes it the perfect holiday destination for lovers of nature and the outdoors.  Although its tourism industry is still in the early stages of growth and expansion, Solomon Islands already has a number of popular destinations with excellent resorts and facilities available.

Our Solomon Islands Holiday Experts have uncovered all that this paradise has to offer.  From popular hotspots to hidden-away gems, they’ve seen it all! Find out about the best things to do in each place you go and take a look at the map below to learn about our favourite Solomon Islands destinations.

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The capital city of Solomon Islands and home of the international airport.  Located on the mountainous island of Guadalcanal, which is often referred to as The Mainland by locals, Honiara is a sleepy town compared to many other Asian and South Pacific cities, but that is part of the attraction!  Visit the sombre WW2 war memorials, explore nature with a short hike to see beautiful waterfalls or visit the Central Market where you can experience part of everyday life here and buy fresh food alongside the locals.


This small town is located on Ghizo Island which can be found in the popular Western Province, a group of islands to the north-west of Guadalcanal.  The town itself is lovely, but it is the surrounding islands that make this a destination of choice for visitors.  You will find magnificent beaches, world-class surfing breaks and lots of unspoilt nature to explore.


Sitting on the far eastern edge of Guadalcanal is Marau Sound, a stunning area of picturesque white sandy beaches and turquoise ocean waters.  Remote and secluded, this area is a wonderful destination for those who want to leave the rat race behind and experience a quieter and simpler way of life during their holiday.  Tropical islands are scattered around the area, creating safe and calm beaches that are ideal for your next romantic getaway.


The largest island in Western Province is New Georgia Island and on the very southern tip you’ll find Seghe, a secluded area that faces the stunning Marovo Lagoon. Seghe is very remote and currently only accessible via ferry, making it an exclusive haven for visitors.  It’s an ideal place to get amongst nature and you’ll be astonished by the abundant marine life to be seen in the crystal-clear water.  It’s a great spot for some diving or snorkelling and also the perfect choice if you want to escape the everyday stresses of your world back home.


Munda is located on the north-west of New Georgia Island and is the gateway to this part of Solomon Islands as it has an airport with regular flights in and out. This area is an absolute mecca for divers who are looking for the very best spots around the country—there are 30 top quality diving sites around Munda!

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