About Solomon Islands

Welcome to Solomon Islands

Solomon Islands is a nation in the South Pacific consisting of 6 major islands and over 900 smaller islands.  The islands have been inhabited for over 3000-years and there is a rich history that still influences how the locals live today.  It’s a nation that is steeped in traditional culture, handed down from generation to generation and this lifestyle that is in touch with the natural environment is a huge drawcard for visitors.  Much of the population still live a traditional lifestyle, often focussed around harvesting the natural resources from the ocean.  Solomon Islands is still developing as a nation and its tourism industry forms an important part of that process.  Under-developed compared to some South Pacific nations, Solomon Islands remains a popular destination for those seeking a less commercial experience and one that gives them an authentic taste of the culture.

Solomon Islands saw a long and bitter campaign during WW2 and was the site of some of the most important battles of the war in the Pacific.  Nowadays, the remnants of the war have created some incredible diving spots where you can explore wrecks that have become home to entire marine eco-systems.  Crashed planes and a host of other relics can be found scattered through the jungle on the islands and there is a museum dedicated to helping you learn about the conflict here.

Solomon Islands’ tropical climate has provided a perfect environment for rainforests to flourish and you will find some breathtaking natural wonders around the country.  The untouched beauty of the Solomon Islands is spectacular and the perfect backdrop for your next getaway in paradise.

Fast Facts

  • Capital: Honiara
  • International Airport: Honiara International Airport
  • Language: English (official) – Solomons Pijin (majority)
  • Currency: Solomon Islands Dollar (SBD)
  • Government: Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy
  • Religion: Christian

Location and Geography

Solomon Islands is in the South Pacific, located close to the equator and east of Papua New Guinea.  Viewing the South Pacific as a region, Solomon Islands occupies the very top left-hand corner.  Being close to the equator gives the island nation a tropical climate, so it’s warm all year round.  Read more about the weather in the Solomon Islands here.

The capital city Honiara is located on the island of Guadalcanal, which is 1 of 6 large islands and the most developed and populated of them all.  Several other islands, such as Ghizo Island have been developed for tourism purposes and are home to some high-quality beachside resorts.

Having more than 900 islands spread across 1500-kilometres means boats are the primary transport for short trips and air transport is the best way to traverse across the country.  Our Holiday Experts at My Solomons will ensure all your travel and transfer needs are met, so your trip will be hassle-free.

What to do in Solomon Islands

An island nation will always have plenty of water sports to try and Solomon Islands does not disappoint.  From sailing the calm waters around the islands and kayaking on crystal clear lagoons to surfing secluded beaches, the list is long and there is something for everyone.  When you’re ready to get away from the water, perhaps you’d like to hike up an extinct volcano, where you will have stunning views over your surrounds. There are abundant opportunities for hiking and cycling in Solomon Islands, with plenty of wide-open space to explore and very little traffic or crowding, this can be a rewarding way to experience the countryside.

You can snorkel almost anywhere in Solomon Islands and the major beachside resorts have facilities to do so.  If you want to venture deeper, then scuba dividing is the way to go.  From sunken wrecks, to artificial reefs created from WW2 scrap and deep-water reefs teeming with marine life, there is something here for every taste and every experience level.  If you’ve never tried diving, there are several diving schools around and it’s a perfect place to learn.  Our helpful My Solomons Holiday Experts can help arrange the booking before you leave.

For a change of pace, take a walk to one of the wonderful waterfalls and swimming holes that can be found around the islands.  They are a lovely place for a refreshing swim and a relaxed picnic lunch.  Around Honiara you can look for the Mataniko Falls or Tenaru Falls which are both beautiful waterfalls to visit and also involve a stunning hike.  If you’re feeling more subdued, Honiara’s Central Markets are large and colourful.  You’ll find a huge variety of fresh food, seafood and fish and hand-crafted local goods for sale.

If you have an interest in the history of WW2, there’s a museum dedicated to preserving the relics and memories of the battles and conflict in this region.  There are dozens of ocean wrecks and land-based sites you can visit and both the Americans and the Japanese have memorial sites here.

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