Charge in and ride the wave of incredible value.

There is no shortage of surf breaks in the Solomon Islands, and one of the best things about them is that they are world-class but not yet world-discovered. This means that instead of battling hundreds of other surfers or surf wannabes, the rolling waves are all yours to conquer.

Why are the swells so incredible in the Solomon Islands, and when is the best time to take advantage of them? It depends on where you’re staying, but essentially the best surf months are October to April, when swells hit from the North Pacific. Coasts like Ysabel, Makira and Malaita are hit by the smaller version of the same swells that hit the North Shore of Hawaii, one of the most renowned surf coasts in the world, providing 3-6 feet swells. Southern swells reach the islands of Gizo and Guadalcanal from the Coral Sea and are similar to some of the incredible surf breaks that we get on the east coast of Australia.

If you’re just learning to surf, there are numerous surf camps in the Solomon Islands which offer day instruction or packages that you can book for a couple days or couple weeks! Choose to stay in the iconic Fatboys Resort where there are breaks as close as 800m or as far out as a 2 hour boat ride. The friendly crew at the resort are happy to help where you need it and recommend the most suitable option for your surfing prowess. Be careful, though, because all breaks in the Western Province break on coral reef, so ensure you’re pointed in the right direction so as not to hurt yourself!

Sanbis Resort, another My Solomons select destinations, provides in-house guests transfers to the nearby hot spots, with the closest just 7 minutes away by boat transfer and the furthest a mere 20 minute boat ride. It’s a great spot to stay when you want to spend all day surfing, and the resort even has a few boards on hand for rental purposes in case something delays the arrival of yours!

Other key surf breaks are located off the island of Malaita, so speak to a My Solomons travel expert and extend your overseas holiday to get even more surfing in! Some of these underpopulated spots include Kofiloco, which is a river mouth wave that breaks over river rocks; Charlie’s Right which is a consistent right-hander that breaks on incoming tides; Tai Passage which is known as a “swell magnet” where there is always a wave to be had! Surfable up to 1.5m, Tai is fun and consistent even when the water is flat elsewhere. These are just a few of the myriad surf spots to be found throughout the Solomon Islands! Who knows, maybe you will be the one to discover the next world-famous break!

Since so many of the prime surf breaks are reached by boat when enjoying an island escape, we at My Solomons always recommend packing spare fins, your favourite brand of surf wax and perhaps a spare leg rope – just in case! With warm water year-round, it’s not necessary to wear a wetsuit while you’re out on the waves, so get ready to feel your heart pounding in the rhythm of the waves as you ride some special surf breaks.