Diving and Snorkelling

Don’t sink your money into a holiday that won’t fill your tank with air.

Pristine. Incredible. Amazing. The best ever.

What are our My Solomons travel experts describing? The water in the Solomon Islands – but more importantly, the SCUBA diving and snorkelling in said water. The Solomon Islands are unique amongst the South Pacific Islands because they haven’t yet been overrun by large resort chains and international tourists, so locals have been able to maintain their culture, traditions and beautiful landscape the way it has been for centuries.

Comprised of 922 islands, each of the distinct Solomon Islands and districts within them offer visitors something awe-inspiring, whether it’s a National Historic Registered WWII shipwreck, finding yourself surrounded by manta rays or laying eyes on bright, unblemished coral reefs. With My Solomons packages allowing visitors to visit multiple islands during one holiday, everyone has the opportunity to explore various dive and snorkel sites to find their favourite.

From the capital city of the Solomon Islands, Honiara, explore nearby Iron Bottom Sound. The island of Guadalcanal, where Honiara is located, saw a great deal of action during WWII and forms a portion of a perimeter where many of the sunken aircraft and ships can be found. More than 50 separate transport ships, planes, submarines, destroyers and carriers from the US as well as Japan have sunk between Guadalcanal, Savo and the Florida Islands, and while many are too deep to be used as dive sites a handful can be explored and some, like the Hirokawa Maru, are accessible to snorkelers as well.

For snorkelling that will take your breath away (not literally, we hope!) few places in the world, let alone in the Solomon Islands, can compare to Marau Sound. Snorkel, swim dive or simply float in this astounding blue lagoon. Hard and soft corals, myriad reef fish, spotted eagle rays and friendly reef sharks are a few of the many creatures encountered during snorkelling and diving trips in the area. While Marau isn’t known for deep SCUBA dives and isn’t the landing place of so many infamous WWII wrecks, the marine life here is second to none. Stay at the Tavanipupu Resort and dip into the water directly from your private jetty – you can’t get much closer than that!

Gizo, capital of the Western Province, is hailed as a must-dive area of the Solomon Islands. Offering boat drives anywhere from 5 to 45 minutes away, spending time in Gizo will allow guests to experience wreck dives, fascinating underwater exploration of the mysterious skull caves, hot spots of marine activity and so much more. Why not hang out at “Grand Central Station”, an area so names for the cross currents that happen here and where fish life – big and small – is at its best, with batfish, trevally and even sharks! Or maybe a whirl around Kennedy Island, named for the to-be US President John F. Kennedy after he sought safe harbour here after his vessel sunk, which is ideal for novice divers.

Drift dives, swimming side-by-side with manta rays, witness fan coral so delicate it looks like lace, trip out as you’re surrounded by all the shimmering colours of the rainbow or serenely float above it all as a silent observer. No matter your style of snorkel or dive, a visit to Honiara, Marua or Gizo is definitely priority.

If you aren't sure where to start planning or what will suit your Solomon Islands holiday best, speak to a My Solomons travel expert at 1300 00 SOLO (1300 00 7656) and they will be happy to answer your questions and make suggestions from their own time spent in the captivating waters of the pristine Solomons.