Uepi Island Resort

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Uepi Island Resort

Uepi Island Resort dealsWith just 26 guests staying on the island at a time, Uepi is a truly exclusive Solomons experience. Arrive by boat at the Uepi Island Resort and get ready for a relaxing, yet invigorating, tropical island retreat.

About the Uepi Island Resort

Imagine watching the sun go down from the Leaf Haus resort bar before heading to the dining area for a freshly prepared meal made from local ingredients by local chefs. The weather in the Solomons is warm all year round, perfect for swimming, snorkelling and waters sports.

The resort accommodation is made up of six bungalows, two units, and two guest rooms all with private bathrooms, ceiling fans, and shady private decks.

While on the island make sure to explore the underwater world of tropical fish and multicoloured coral. With top class snorkelling spots just off the beach, you will have plenty of time to explore the reef and get acquainted with the local sea life. Look out for the lionfish, pink anemone, and occasional octopus!

What to do in the Solomon Islands

As well as snorkelling, Uepi Resort is ideal for Kayaking. Join the resorts guided tours up the Chachole River to see the native wildlife, or wake up early for a dawn paddle and keep an eye out for dolphins and turtles along the way! Other activities on the island include fishing, hiking jungle trails, or a night kayak into the jungle to see the endangered coconut crab.

Where is the Uepi Island Resort?

Located in the Western Province of the Solomon Islands, to reach Uepi from Australia you can fly from Brisbane or Sydney to the capital of Honiara, then take a domestic flight to Seghe. From here Uepi is an 18km scenic speedboat ride through the beautiful islands and bays of the Western Province.

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