Randall’s Message

Randall Deer is an enigma: he runs a leading luxury travel company, but his favourite holiday is camping. It’s clear that he loves being outdoors, whether it’s hiking in the Gold Coast Hinterland, mountain biking or spending the weekend at the beach with his family.
Randall D Golfing in Hawaii

He is charismatic and easy to relate to, with a driving flame that keeps him moving forward, making headway and living up to the motto of My Holiday Centre, the parent brand offering these unbeatable holidays, is all about innovation.

Randall is clear that his goal is to be an industry changer and to make a difference to the customers planning their holidays. He is passionate about avoiding the common practice of luring the public to call in by promoting an unreasonably low price, then selling everything from flights to transfers to day trips at extra cost. He believes in transparency with the packages offered, priding himself in the fact that the price advertised will be attainable 95% of the time. Holidays are delivered in a finished format which leaves nothing to chance, and because of the established relationships with airline, resort, and tour operator partners, travellers can be guaranteed the best value holidays.

Everywhere! I know that sounds extremely cliché, but I take 3 to 4 international holidays per year, usually with my family, and where we go largely depends on how everyone is feeling. It also depends on the time of year and how long we are able to travel for.

When I’m looking for somewhere chill where I can snorkel and hang out, I usually go to Fiji. I think with our new packages we will probably go to New Caledonia next, just for somewhere different.

If we want to have a family-based holiday that’s more energetic, or a more sophisticated couples’ holiday, we’ll go to Hawaii and do some shopping, island-hopping and soaking up the sun.

For high-end and high energy, we’ll probably go to Thailand. And if I’m looking for an oasis where we can just stay put and have the resort experience, we’ll go to Bali.

I will do multiple trips to multiple destinations every year. No matter where I want to go, we have a product for it. If we don’t, I figure out how to launch it as a new destination [for My Holiday Centre].

Honestly, sometimes I’m happiest simply taking the family camping for the weekend. No fuss, just quality time in the outdoors. We live in such a beautiful part of the country that it’s important to appreciate what’s in our own backyard.

“Seinfeld” is one of my favourite series of all times. But I don’t rewatch it – I know what’s going to happen, so why watch it again? I’d rather watch something new. More than watch something I prefer to be out doing things – kicking the footy with the boys or biking or mowing the lawn. I want to know that at the end of the day I’ve accomplished something.

I love music, I think it’s extremely calming, but I’m not the kind of person who knows bands or song names. I’ll have the radio on and hear something I like and enjoy it, but I don’t take note of who sang it or what it was called. I was out the other morning with the boys and when I came back home Bridgie had the music on and it was such a nice way to start the day. I can forget sometimes how nice it is to have music on in the background.

Normally in the mornings we have the TV on – which one’s the one with Kochie? – Sunrise. It’s how I get my news; I don’t read the paper or have much time to catch up on everything, so I have it on in the morning. Mainly I watch it to listen out for anything that would affect the business, like exchange rates or international incidents, but I don’t pay much attention to the fluff pieces. So it was nice coming home and the TV wasn’t on and there was some music.

Randall concludes with the following: “We aren’t trying to be all things to all people, but we are great at working with the customers we have. We don’t leave anything to chance and we are concerned with the customer journey. Booking a holiday should be a fun, easy experience and we want to share that journey with our clients.”

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